The Suzuki brand is known to many people, particularly because of the small and economical Alto and Swift cars, and of course its 4x4 jeeps, including the Samurai and the Vitara. 

But who has heard of the X-90 4x4? The X-90 is something for the true enthusiast. Take the design, for example. 

For those sunny days Xpeditions there is a removable hard-glass T-top, which can be stored quickly and safely in the trunk.




The Suzuki X-90 4x4 was produced from April 1996 to May 1997. 

The car was originally sold in the following official colors: Midnight Black Metallic, Red Lava, Ultra Blue Metallic, Silver Pearl and Arctic Ice. 

In 2004, the "all 25 ugly" section of the Dutch ‘Veronica’ guide described the Suzuki X-90 4x4 as ‘ugly as hell’ and like a ‘bathtub on wheels’. Fortunately, it was not placed in the top 10, but ended up instead at number 12. 

In 1996, Suzuki introduced the X-90 4x4. The X-90 4x4 was originally a concept car and was well received by the public. 

The slogan for the X-90 was "What are you staring at?" But sales were bad and the X-90 4x4 was also a flop for Suzuki. 

A total of 7,205 X-90s were imported into the United States. 

1997 saw the creation of the Phillippe Cousteaux Edition. This included running boards as an extra. 

When Suzuki decided to bring the Suzuki Vitara onto the market, the Suzuki X-90 4x4 disappeared because the Vitara was cheaper and had more room inside.



240 X-90s have been imported into the Netherlands since 1996. According to the RDC there are now (2006) still 160 of them on the Dutch roads.

The total number of X-90s in the world is unknown. 

According to the Dutch importer, Nimag, accessories and spare parts for the X-90 are still available in the Netherlands. 

Moreover, because the X-90 was built on the platform used for the Vitara, some Vitara accessories can also be used for the X-90.